Pilates in Sheffield, Dore and Bakewell with Teresa Tinklin

Teresa Tinklin qualified to teach Pilates in 2006. She trained with Body Control Pilates®, who are widely regarded as the benchmark of excellence in Pilates teacher training. As a Body Control Pilates teacher, Teresa undergoes regular on-going professional development to broaden her skills and to ensure that she is up to date with the latest knowledge and developments in Pilates. For example, she recently gained a level 3 qualification in teaching Pilates for Bone Health and, as such, is qualified to work safely and effectively with people with osteoporosis. She has also done additional training on Pilates for those with lower back pain.


Teresa first started doing Pilates herself to deal with a shoulder problem incurred doing a research job, which largely involved working on a computer. She always enjoyed the classes and left feeling that she had released a lot of stress and tension. Eventually she decided to give up the desk job and become a teacher herself. She now teaches classes in Sheffield, Dore and Bakewell. When she's not busy looking after her son, she enjoys walking, dancing, playing cricket and gardening.




®Body Control Pilates is a  registered trademark used under licence.

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